5 Ways Business Blogs Help Companies Succeed Online

How Is a Business Blog Worth Your Time?

As a business owner or marketer looking to make the biggest impact from your marketing efforts, you’ve probably questioned the return on content creation for your website. While you can quickly accomplish some goals (such as generating social shares and brand mentions), other goals and benefits can take longer to achieve. A blog can be a powerful asset for your company when done well. If you are still questioning what you can get out of your blog, here are five ways your company can benefit from a business blog.

1. Increase Authority in Your Industry

Blog posts are a great way to show in-depth knowledge of your particular product or service. To successfully do this, your blog should provide value to your customers. This could mean sharing updates on products or your industry, answering potential customer questions, or discussing what sets your company apart from others. If customers can find answers to their questions or learn more about the industry from your blog, then you’ve shown some of the value your company can add in fulfilling their needs and, therefore, have taken a huge step in earning their trust. And if you expect consumers to spend their hard-earned cash on your product or service, you better do everything you can to earn that trust. Writing easily understood business blogs with relevant content can be difficult at times depending on your industry. I encourage you to check out our blog post about writing to your audience for some pointers.

From a search engine optimization (SEO) perspective, the more blog posts you publish, the more indexed pages in Google’s database your site has. With more pages indexed, Google will be able to better understand the purpose of your site and drive more relevant traffic to it.

2. Boost Pagerank

Your blog can help improve your SEO performance in more ways than just helping Google comprehend the purpose of your site. One powerful use of blogging can be to boost pagerank for important product or service pages on your site. You can do this by inserting relevant internal links in your blog to these pages. Internal linking directs search engines to important pages on your site and helps to pass some of the page rank between linked pages on your site. This isn’t a guaranteed page rank booster or an overnight process; like many things in SEO, it is a long-term strategy, but it does help to show search engines which pages you believe are important.

At Marketing Mojo, we follow the practice of internal linking and have seen several pages for both clients and our site climb in rankings after implementing internal links. In one case, the web page we targeted with internal links was the only page in the top five without a third-party backlink. I am not claiming internal links from blog posts were the sole reason for this ranking, but there appears to be a correlation. As a word of caution: Do not to overload blog posts with links. Linking back to your target page once per post is sufficient; otherwise, Google might consider your excessive linking spammy.


3. Grow Your Website Audience

As your blog grows and you cover a wider array of topics, blog posts will appear on more search engine results pages. This is important because clicks from these search result listings will grow your audience and increase company awareness. Most of the searches that trigger your blog post to show are topical, non-brand related searches. These topical blog posts will bring in potential new customers who might not have heard of your company before as compared to someone who is actively searching for your brand.

Read the full article here: https://www.marketing-mojo.com/blog/5-ways-business-blogs-help-companies-succeed-online/


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